General Rules:

The staff at Archer & Angler are NOT responsible or liable for any products or services sold or traded here. All sales and purchases are at the risk of the individuals involved. Please be certain that you make safe, intelligent, and secure payment arrangements. Especially be wary of sellers with a low post count or anyone funneling products through a 3rd party. The iTrader Rating System is a great tool for checking a buyer/seller's reputation. Coming Soon

No solicitation allowed. This area is for individuals to buy/sell goods. Anyone interested in becoming a Sponsor can contact us for further information.

The Archer & Angler Staff hold the right to remove and/or delete any thread or post they deem inappropriate.


Here are some simple rules and reminders to follow when posting an ad.

Please include:

Description of item (more details = less questions = quicker sale)
Manufacturer of item
Most importantly...

  • Price
  • Location
  • Contact Information
  • Pictures are highly recommended

Posting the asking price is very important. From there people can offer an amount for your item. Another reminder, bumping your thread every other day wont be allowed, and will be deleted. Other people deserve the chance for their ad to be at the top of the list. Also, posting in multiple sections is redundant and not necessary.


Please do not respond unless you are bidding, have intent to buy, have a legitimate question about the goods for sale, or are adding something useful to the thread. Please try not to Lounge-ify the Classifieds. Any posts similar to "Man, that is way over priced" or "You can buy that cheaper somewhere else" will be deleted and you will receive a PM asking not to do that again.

Obviously, only bid if serious. Those that continuously bail out of paying for items or services won't be tolerated. Withdrawing from a purchase is acceptable from time to time. No one will fault you if your water main breaks or your house burns down and you don't have the time or money to be dealing with hardware!

iTrader Rating System

Coming Soon

Thank you and good luck!!