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    BBQ Cajun Catfish (or trout, your choice)

    Hey y'all,

    if you love catfish, love the bbq, hate cleaning the BBQ after cooking fish or have limited skills... this recipe can be prepped and cooked over a bbq or over a campfire.



    filet's of catfish (or trout)
    corn on the cob, un husked
    shredded carrots
    cajun seasoning
    spicy cajun salad dressing
    red peppers (roasted if possible)


    -marinate filets in dressing, overnight is best, a few hours is good, but just dipping works in a pinch
    -Husk the corn, throw away the "fuzz" keep the husks
    -cut the kernels off the cob
    -slice the red peppers in to strips
    -lay out a square of foil that's slightly wider than the husks are long.
    -lay the husks out on top of the a foil piece side by side to make a flat surface in an EAST/WEST orientation
    -spread some shredded carrots, corn and sliced red peppers on the husks to make 1/4" thick bed (drizzle with some dressing)
    -lay marinated filets on the bed of shredded veg in a NORTH/SOUTH orientation, add a bit of cajun seasoning to the top
    -fold the husks over the fish in a tight package, fold the foil edges up to seal it all in
    -lay packages on med-hot grill for about 20 mins or until package steamy and cooked.

    -remove packages when done, open and remove the foils, serve fish on a plate with Husks and all!

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    This sounds really good. Will be trying this recipe out. Thanks for sharing.
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