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Diamond Peep Sight from DeadRed Outdoors.
by Comdal Combined Rating: 2.4
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For people looking for a peep sight for their bows it can be a daunting and expensive trail. I should know, by the time I found the right sight I spent a lot of money and time. I was given a chance to try this new concept peep sight made by DeadRed Outdoors LLC. its called the Diamond Peep Sight.
  • Easy Installation (with Bow Press)
  • Like the diamond feature (hunting)
  • Target Archers may find it cumbersome
Initial Impressions:
At first I was alittle hesitant about the sight as I found them hard to adjust in my prior experiences.

The set up was easy;
I removed my current peep sight and installed the DeadRed sight with the use of a portable bow press. I set it up so that the centre pin on my 5 pinsight was exactly in the middle of the diamond like explained on thecard. I made sure that everything looked good when I pulled back thebow, made any fine tuning adjustments and then tied the peep inplace.

Field Performance:
I Started shooting at 20 yards and found that I had to adjust my sight up and down from my old peep to the DeadRed peep. Once the 20 yard pin was shooting centre I then shot at 30 yards and it was fine moved out to the rest of the yardage. Now as for the torque claims. I performed a simulated exaggerated torque by moving my had from left to right while looking through the diamond peep and you could see the pins fine. But if you had only 1 pin in the centre of the diamond you might not be able to see it as well.

Final Impressions:
If you are a beginner archer or a bowhunter only this sight would be perfect because it does have a lot of forgiveness and is easy to use. Using this peep for bowhunting you can actually track an animal from the left and right part of the diamond until you have them in the perfect sight picture. For target shooters, you may find the size of the aperture to be too big which would make it more difficult to shoot an arrow exactly centre every time.
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