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Compound Bow String from Bow String Depot
by  Outdoorsman Combined Rating: 5.0
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A compound bow string review and purchasing experience from Bow String Depot.
  • Customer Service
  • Quality Material
  • Attention to Detail
  • Fast Shipping
  • Color Selection
  • Accessory Selection
  • Bow String Depot is not my neighbor!
I have been wanting a custom string for some time now but could never decide on colors or had a valid excuse. Well I recently started to develop some string issues on my stock Bear Arnachy string set, this was all the excuse I needed to purchase a new custom string.

The hardest decision I had was trying to choose a color combination. I wanted something that looked good of course but I wanted something that was not too flashy and could still be toned down enough to hunt with. I also wanted color combinations that mixed well together and not look cheesy.
Hutch couldn't of made this decision any easier. He took the time to make up several sample combinations and sent me multiple close up photos. Now that is personal customer service.
I ended up choosing Flo Green and Kiwi with black a stripe.

Ordering was fast and easy. Once I finally decided on colors I simply supplied Hutch with my draw length, cable length, bow make and model and of course shipping address.
Within two weeks (because I live in Canada) my strings arrived. Of course, he emailed me personally to let me know he shipped the strings. Again, personal touch.

When the strings arrived I immediately noticed more personal touches that you may not find anywhere else.The strings where meticulously packaged in tightly sealed packages,cable separate from string. In each package an information sheet with the lengths recorded.
Hutch also added a D loop that matched the color of the string and a thin piece of string to easily separate and add a peep sight. The thin piece of string was an amazing addition because it saved me from fumbling around with separating string strands. It is these little things that make Bow String Depot stand out from the rest.

It is very easy to see that the strings and cables are extremely well made. The same small touches listed above can be seen in the craftsmanship. The serving was perfectly positioned to match the cams, string suppressors, etc. This was done by Hutch all without having the bow in hand.
The axle connector loops on the yoke are extremely well constructed and built to last. Thick, strong, well tied and abrasion resistant, but not so stiff that you cannot attach.

I shot approximately 30 arrows upon installation to ensure proper settling and seeding of the string. I could tell it didn't need that many arrows because the strings are all pre-stretched but it was just too much fun to shoot arrows from my now awesome looking bow.
I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to tune and sight in precisely and I now know it is because of a good quality made string. This is what you will get from Bow String Depot.

Also worth noting is the matching wrist and turkey shoulder sling I purchased. These are as well built as the bow string. The attention to detail is just as prevalent in the slings. The materials are well constructed and made to last. The turkey shoulder slings knots are easy to adjust and it is very comfortable to use.
The wrist sling is strong but nimble enough to install easily and adjust appropriately, even multiple times to accommodate different clothing or positioning.

So, if you are looking for a custom string set for your bow look no further. Bow String Depot is where you need to go. You will be treated like you are the first customer to walk through the door. Customer service and attention to detail are bar none.

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MawnteyCarlo 04-16-2016, 10:57 PM

Awesome, can't wait to put them on my bow!

moonshine 12-23-2014, 05:44 AM

Very nice, Great job Bow String Depot......

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December 1, 2014
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