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Safety for everyone durthe hunting season

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A friendly reminder to all association members and guests that hunting season is here.
While enjoying the outdoors there are some things to remember.
While out for a walk on crown land ( wear bright clothing ) or boating near our marshes you may encounter hunters or people fishing. Please allow them space and keep in mind there are Obstruction/interference laws to protect them.

There is a new predator in Ontario, the Cougar is making a comeback in some areas, Midland being one of them. Frequent sightings have forced the Ministry of Natural Resources to confirm their presence.

Bull Moose during the "Rut" can be very aggressive. Same with male or Buck Deer.
Example area Six Mile Lake
Our Lake is located in Wildlife Management Unit 46.

This is some of the wildlife hunted in our area.
Moose Oct 21-26
Deer Nov 4-17
Black Bear Sept 3-Nov 30
Ruffed Grouse Sept 20-Dec 15
Duck Sept 21-Jan 4
Geese Sept 3-18
Turkey April 25-May 31
Any questions can be sent to Ontario out of Doors magazine
Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters
Ministry of Natural Resources

Sources Stephan McKay, Mark Buffey, Dave Thomson, MNR.

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