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    Archer & Angler Is Currently Seeking Website Pro Staff

    Would you like to be a member of Archer & Angler's Pro Staff?

    Archer & Angler is currently seeking mature individuals who have a strong passion for the outdoors, are active members of the Archer & Angler website, ages 18 and older, and demonstrate strong ethics.


    To be considered for a position as an Archer & Angler pro staff, you must meet and agree to the following requirements:

    • Must have at least 50 posts before you can use the pro staff application.
    • Have strong ethics and a passion for the outdoors, as well as respect for fish, wildlife, and the environment.
    • Support local and national conservation efforts.

    Once Approved;

    • Must be active in the forums by posting at least 5 times per week
    • Must check in daily
    • Must help with questions posted in the forums by other members.
    • Must post new threads weekly to promote discussion or to spread information
    • Must send a friend request to ALL new members and offer them any help and assistance they need.
    • Must create albums in Archer & Angler's gallery and post hunting and/or fishing pictures
    • Must promote Archer & Angler on various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube
    • Must promote Archer & Angler's site at any and all tournaments, clubs, shoots, etc. through word of mouth, wearing a Archer & Angler Jersey, etc.
    • Must have complete understanding of the site and know where all the different sections are and how to direct members to them.
    • Must be willing to learn or have a good understanding of the moderator options and help moderate each of your assigned forums by; managing any inappropriate posts/threads, deleting spam and banning the spammer or bot, moving posts/threads that may be in the wrong forums, merging posts/threads, etc.


    In return we will provide the following benefits;

    • Archer & Angler email address, such as yourname@archerandangler.com
    • Premium business cards
    • Any promotional materials you need for tournaments, shows, events
    • Archer & Angler decals
    • Archer & Angler Pro Staff Patch (this is still in concept stage and there is no time frame as to when will be active)
    • Free gear*, as well as additional discounts on gear from our sponsors (when available).
    • Full access to all Premium sections of Archer & Angler's website
    • Full access to hidden Pro Staff forums
    • Special contests just for Pro Staff.
    • Tournament Jersey** (this is still in concept stage and there is no time frame as to when will be active)
    • Plus much more!

    * Additional requirements may apply. Depends on product availability.
    ** Must be a member of Pro Staff for at least six months and performing all requirements

    To access the application and start the process now, click here. (http://www.archerandangler.com/forum...ms.php?appid=1)

    Please Note: Pro Staff positions are for non-commercial (Vendor) members only.

    Good luck!
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