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Thread: Target bow?

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    rdneckhillbilly's Avatar New Archer & Angler
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    Quote Originally Posted by DssBB View Post
    Most archers refer to the longer ATA 38"+ and sometimes slightly slower bows as targets bows or indoor bows or paper punchers. Most times you are shooting heavy logs and don't really care how fast the arrow gets there. The longer ATA bows tend to offer a lot better or steadier hold on the target then a shorter 32"-35" ATA hunting or 3D bow where you are looking for speed and a shorter bow to maneuver through the bush with. With shooting indoor, field or fita, you are also shooting a lot more arrows in a shorter period of time compared to 3D or hunting and having an easier holding, smoother and easier drawing bow makes a huge difference especially near the end of a round when your getting tired.
    I realize this and was trying to get the OP to give more thought in this area.

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    Well as the OP, I understand all of the dynamics of a Target bow. But I used the term target bow as it is understood. I believe DssBB explained it well. I too would want a longer ata, less pounds etc etc. Yeah I could use my 32 ata bow for 3d. But target to me is punching paper.
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